Aval Karkkandu Payasam/அவல் கற்கண்டு பாயசம்

Very tasty Aval Karkkandu Payasam

Herbs And Pulses


Aval (medium)½ Cup
Rock Sugar (un polished)½ Cup
Milk1½ Cup
Water½ Cup
Cardamom1 no.
Pacha Karpurama pinch
Cashew Nuts5 nos.
Ghee 1 tsp


1. Heat sauce pan with 1 tsp ghee.
2. Keep the flame low to medium.
3. Fry the cashew nuts in the ghee until it is roasted and golden colour.
4. Add Aval/flake rice and continue frying until it changes to light brown colour.
5. Now add ½ cup water and ½ cup milk.
6. Let it boil and cook the Aval / Flake rice until it is soft.
7. Now add the rock sugar / Karkkandu to the sauce pan. Let it dissolve and incorporate with the Aval / Flake rice.
8. Once the Aval is cooked, add another cup of milk, cardamom and pacha karpuram.
9. Let the milk boil and all the flavours incorporate.

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