KAJU KATLI (with Jaggery)

Kaju Katli with no Sugar.

Kaju Katli is a very popular sweet for any occasion. It is made with grounded Cashew nuts.
Here is the recipe for your favourite Kaju Katli using Jaggery


Cashew Nut1 Cup (Powdered)
Jaggery½ Cup
Cardamom Powder½ tsp
Water3 tbsp
Ghee1 tsp + greasing


1. Powder the cashew nut coarsely.
2. Grate the jaggery and boil with little water.
3. Choose Jaggery in light colour, so you will get the sweet in usual Kaju Katli Colour and not in brown colour.
4. Once the jaggery dissolves, filter the syrup and get rid of dirt in jaggery.
5. Transfer the filtered jaggery syrup to a pan and let it boil.
6. Boil the syrup upto 1 string consistency. If you find it difficult, just boil for 2 min.
7. add the cashew nut powder, cardamom powder and ghee to the syrup.
8. Mix and cook until it separates from the pan.
9. Grease a tray with little ghee.
10. Transfer the Cashew nut mixture to that tray to let it cool down.
11. Roll the cashew nut mixture flat.
12. Before it cools down completely, slice the Kaju katli with knife.
13. Later separate it and store it in a box and enjoy.
14. Tasty and healthy Kaju Katli is ready.


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