Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet

There are different ways to make Rava ladoo. This is my way of making.
Rava/Sooji/Semolina Ladoo is full of nutrients.


Rava / Semolina / Sooji 2 cups
Freshly grated coconut                   2 cups
Sugar                                                   1½ cups
Salt                                                     a pinch (not more than a pinch)
Cardamom  powder                       1 tsp
Ghee                                                  4 tbsp
Milk                                                      2 tbsp
Cashew nuts                                       2 tbsp(broken)

1. Preparation Time 10mins
2. Cooking Time 10mins
3. Serving ~30 ladoos


1. Take a wide pan(preferrably non-stick pan).
2. Keep the flame low to medium.
3. Heat ghee and put broken cashew nuts, roast it for few seconds. Don’t let the cashew nuts change colour.
4. Now add freshly grated coconut, no need to fry for long, just saute for a minute.
5. And then add Rava, here I am using roasted rava, if you are using regular rava fry it for a longer time, until the aroma comes.
6. Add salt and cardamom powder to the mixture and mix well until it combines evenly.
7. Reduce the flame to low and add sugar.
8. Mix everything until it combines well.
9. Put off the flame and finally add the milk to the mixture and mix well.
10. Transfer the Rava Ladoo mixture to another plate and let it cool down a little.
11. Before it cools down completely, make the mixture into small small ladoos.
12. Take a small portion from the mixture and squeeze it with your palm and make balls, called ladoos.
13. Enjoy this delicious and mouth-watering Rava ladoos

6 Comments on “Rava Ladoo

  1. Very soft and moist ladoo, very tasty too, Thankx for sharing this recipe.


  2. Mouth watering delicious dish😋😋😋my mother loved this ladoo taste.


  3. Rava ladoo tastes yummy.Easy recipe and perfect measurement. Our whole family loved it


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