Vegetable Omelette


Saltto tase
Turmerica pinch
Paneer2tbsp (chopped)
Broccoli2tbsp (cut into very small flowerets)
Red capsicum2 tbsp (small and thin sliced)
Onion1 small (sliced)
Butter              1 tbsp
 Grated Cheese1 tbsp
Mixed herbs1 tsp
Pepper 1 tsp (crushed)


Beat the eggs with salt, pepper, turmeric and mixed herbs.
Cut the paneer into very small cubes.
Cut slice the Broccoli as a very small flowerets.
Cut slice the red capsicum into small and thin.
Slice the Onion and keep ready everything.


1. Heat butter in a non-stick pan in low flame.
2.Fry onions, broccoli, paneer and red capsicum.
3.Just saute and spread the vegetables in the pan evenly.
4.Now pour the egg mixture all over.
5.cover the pan with lid and cook in low flame.
6.After 2 mins open the lid and spread the cheese on top.
7.Once the cheese is melted and egg is cooked, put the flame off.
8.Transfer the egg by sliding it from the pan to a serving round plate and enjoy.

Vegetable Omelette is a rich and satisfying Breakfast for everyone.
Serve with a cup of Orange juice or any juice of your choice.
Try this Healthy, protein rich Vegetable at your home.


You can add 1 tbsp of Besan flour to the egg and beat without lump to get a fluffy omelette.
You can add other vegetables of your families choice.


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